Who We Are
Introducing Turbine Design – an adrenalin injection for your brand and everything that revolves around it! From logo and corporate identity design to full corporate branding, we are super-passionate about creating and revolutionising brands! Turbine offers the perfect balance of expertise, talent and personal attention that is often hard to find in big agencies. We are in the position to combine years of experience in brand work for major corporate clients with the unique talents of our staff to create a vibrant and relevant identity for you, with various other design offerings, as well as vehicle branding and modification.

Logos, Identities, Branding and Design 

We consider ourselves to be specialists in what we do, but that doesn’t mean that the process we follow to create your brand identity happens in isolation – we believe that partnering with our clients is paramount. This is why we insist that our clients be heavily involved in the whole process from beginning to end, because as much as we are experts in our field, nobody knows your brand better than you do. We work closely with you to craft a logo and corporate identity that you can love and live with for years to come! Our methodology is designed to ensure that the entire research/design/redesign/re-branding process works seamlessly to achieve the required end product.
We then take this logo and can design further elements you may require – from additional identity elements, websites, marketing material (like folders, brochures, posters, social media posts), corporate branding, signage and way-finding, to vehicle branding.

Custom Vehicle Branding & Modifications

With a passion for branding and modifying all kinds of vehicles – from cars to motorbikes, trucks to vans, trailers to helmets – anything automotive related – Turbine Design offers this unique service to clients who really want to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s for business or personal use, we offer a tailor-made service enhancing any ‘ride’ to something more special and unique. With so much printed visual media out there, it often takes 'more than just a wrap’ for you for your brand to get noticed on the road. From simple to more conceptual ideas, we can assist you to make your ‘brand in motion’ more visible and have way more impact!
We believe it is important to see what your ride could look like, before physically doing anything to it. So, we can assist you with just designing ideas using visual artist impressions, or oversee the whole 'customization' project. You decide!

So please get in touch and see how we can assist you in any of these creative areas – we look forward to working with you!